Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Identify your true self

You understand that something is different.

But you don't want to believe it to be true.

Don't let denial hold on to you for long.

Time is of the essence.

We have worked so very hard to get to where we are.

I could get down on my knees and cry with you, too.

But this is war.

There isn't an iota of space for any emotional drama.

I refuse to surrender for as long as I am alive.

It doesn't matter if we've got to start from scratch.

We will build a larger, stronger empire- faster.

I am going to need every bit of your help- so, get going!

Throw some piping hot water upon your frozen face.

Gulp a bucketful of steaming coffee, if you must.

There is plenty of ground to cover.

Draw a rough game plan.

Stick to it.

We've got enormous experience to back us.

Practice is never in vain.

Roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

The final countdown is ON.

Don't let your heart flutter.

Focus on the task.

Know that you must reach your destination.

We will finally beat this pathetic, dreaded dragon.

Rest only when you have slain the terrorizing assasin.

I have dreamed of this day for years.

Don't quit on me now, when it really does matter.

Don't betray me.

You might have lost everything that ever was yours.

But if you are the warrior I've been referring to-

You WILL rise.

It won't matter if your energy starts to fizz out.

It won't matter if boredom bangs your door down.

It won't matter if fear looms larger than ever before.

YOU are the one who has said, time and again-

"Give me 24 hours flat and I'll top the charts."

Today, I need to hear that determined promise again.

Look within you.

Notice that inimitable spark you possess.

It is odd when YOU are unsure of your prowess.

It is akin to God not realizing His Greatness.

Don't insult the blessings you've been bestowed with.

Remember your abundant potential.

Put it to good use- you have many lives to save.

Don't ever take your eyes off the larger picture.

Your memory is all that is standing in your way.

Trigger it.

Try harder.

It is easy once you've set your mind to it.

I know that you will emerge winner.



haze said...

oh no, what happened to Jodie? i haven't read her post last night but it was still there on google reader. maybe she just changed her blog url. :'( or maybe she's just taking a break from everything. i'm quite worried, dear. you know what cheerful people are, they are the most fragile ones.

The Blog Writer said...

I agree. I hope the girl holds on tight though. I really do.

She's got so much good in her- it'd be a waste if she didn't realize it.

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