Saturday, May 7, 2011

Do the drill- chew up the dragon!

When you're under pressure to perform-

Stop and think.

You've got a glowing past behind you.

A lot is expected from you- by you.

You know you're capable of outclassing your best.

Will you let the fear of a lower outcome freak you out?

Or Will you snatch the coveted top notch for YOU??

Consider a task as simple as swallowing a pill.

If you think that it'll stay stuck in your throat, it will.

You're practicing the event relentlessly, in your head.

Think of victory, instead.

Breathe hope.

Know for sure that the Lord is taking you by the hand.

He won't fail you.

Feel confident.

Test yourself at regular intervals.

The very thought of it might scare you.

Don't let it.

Sink your teeth into it.

Get a good feel of it's depth.

Stay calm and unruffled.

You know that this is only a mock test.

You pine to conquer the real deal, don't you?

Adapt to the fluttering in your heart.


Denial won't do anymore.

Avoiding the fear won't help.

Face it, eat it, beat it, bite it, scream at it.

Stamp it, crush it, kick it, punch it, rip it apart.

Grab hold of it's rotten head- now, butcher it.

Visualize the sequence until you are at ease.

It doesn't matter if you become expressionless.

We'll work our way from there.

Soon, you'll fight with brazen hunger in your soul.

For now though, the monster must die.

Spread your army out evenly.

Field every nook, cranny and blind spot.

Flush the beast out of every crevice in the battlefield.

Squeeze each tiny rock out until it is dry, if need be.

Eradicate any response it might produce in your body.

Do this much for today.

We'll take it from there, tomorrow.

You're winning this race- soon!


Jodie-Ann said...

Lol, this reminded me of the word "Tank" hahahahaha XD Which is basically a big boss. Like the person is muscular and scary XD Lol. When you were talking about basically destroying your fear.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie:

Haha!! :D Whatever it reminds you of, keep the image pasted onto your heart!

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