Thursday, May 5, 2011

Faith is You

You're working very hard.

You're extremely dedicated and sincere.

You've got an accurate and powerful memory.

You're a fast learner.

You are in control.

You have larger issues to concentrate on.

This is one of the many milestones you must cross.

YOU are the most important in this race.

God is guiding you every step of the way.

He talks to you every time you need a friend.

He listens to you even when you're asleep.

He is blessing you with abundance in every aspect.

He energizes His protective halo around you, each day.

You're happy, healthy and efficient.

There is a lot more you do when you are calm.

You're a reasonable person.

A lot of people depend on you.

You're strong and infallible at all times.

Wisdom is in the palm of your hand.

Time has come to a standstill FOR YOU.

You're absorbing every little detail, rapidly.

You radiate peace, love, energy and happiness.

You feel immense gratitude for where life is taking you.

You're taking long strides everyday, in every way.

You surprise yourself with every new achievement.

Your hunger for knowledge is ever increasing.

Life gives you several wonderful learning opportunities.

Your confidence peaks steadily in successive gallops.

Your ability to focus is continually getting better.

Timelines and challenges excite you.

You're habituated to winning now.

You have so much to look forward to.

Your present is blessed, protected and nourished.

You are a tool for revolution and reform.

You are energy, power and light.

You brighten up space, time and life.

You are a very important element of the universe.

You are a fragment of His divine spirit.

YOU are the world.


haze said...

i'm in control :) and i know God is guiding my every step :)

The Blog Writer said...

He is, Haze! He is! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

I hope I can keep control of everything :o

The Blog Writer said...

Jodie, I am certain that you will! :)


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