Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gift yourself your time

God cleans your slate out for YOU to paint again.

He undoes the evil, so you can believe again.

He brings unexpected calm, repelling the anxiety away.

He sits beside you, celebrating your life with you.

He wakes you up, reminding you to live, to breathe.

He gives you exactly what you desire.

All you have to do is ask, believe and say thanks.

Feel the stillness of the night.

Hear the wind as it rustles through your hair.

Smell the sweet fragrance of oxygen filling your lungs.

Reach out and touch the magic that fills your space.

Tiny crystals shine, making your eyes glow.

There is nothing but you and Him, here.

This is your Heaven, in your time alone.

Hold on to it.

You long to stay in this moment, forever-

But there is work to be done.

The plans of the universe must be executed.

His reign with goodness, fairness and love must prevail.

Energize yourself to liven up a power-packed day.

You were chosen to take His light out into the world.

Train yourself to endure the battle.

Turn on the heat- bring forth the strength of steel.

Glisten like a diamond- radiant and fierce.

Immerse yourself in your unflinching positivity.

Taste your long-awaited, ever-growing divine blessings.

Stay untouched by anything that isn't the power of God.

He nourishes you, guides you and keeps you safe.

Surge through the crevices, let His spirit heal the earth.

It has been a humbling journey, May His aura persist.


Jodie-Ann said...

:D Hehe, I feel special XD

The Blog Writer said...

:) You are special!

haze said...

Aw! this is lovely :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) Thanks, Haze!

sarah said...

simple....powerful. ☺

{undeserving grace} said...

Keep em' coming! Just what I needed today :)
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

The Blog Writer said...

@ Sarah:

Your comment gave me peace.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Tara:

:) I am so happy this reached you!

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