Monday, May 16, 2011

Patience = deep breaths in and out

When you're in the shower and the water runs out,

When you're starving hungry and your stock is empty,

When you're under stress and it goes on to multiply,

When you douse your head in coffee, yet it gets heavier,

Know that God is teaching you patience.

He wants to know whether you'll be like the others.

He checks if you, too will complain at the slightest hurt.

Will you?

You might, for some part.

After all, you're human, too.

But beyond a point, know that He is your best friend.

No matter how bad the situation does get,

No matter how much you want to scream and yell,

No matter how many tears you're having to hold back,

YOU will never play the ugly blame game.

You know that if there has been anything lacking,

It has to have been on your part alone.

Have faith in your closest confidante.

Feel Him stilling your trembling fingers.

Breathe and let Him ease the lump in your throat.

He knows what you need.

He knows how to get it to you.

Look at your destination, be it through hazy eyes.

Remember the promises you've made to yourself.

It ain't far.

No, hun, it ain't.

Buck up!

Hold on tight.

We're racing you through the borders.

For a while, let Him and Me handle the reigns.

Stay still and watch.

We will get you to win- yes, we will.

Learn your chapter on patience well.

Keep taking the deep breaths.

Turn up the hope.

Gel into it, your faith- pray with focus.

Affirm your way through.

Keep your eyes wide open.

Don't miss out on the history you're about to create.


mayen said...

I am speechless. This is truly superb writing and really inspiring. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts.

sarah said... necessary...and sometimes so difficult....hugs to you Blog Writer. ☺☺☺

Jodie-Ann said...

I agree with everyone here XD

Anonymous said...

patience is not something i possess, but i really need to figure out it's ways.

tsk. i'm so sorry i haven't been into commenting for a while. :) i love you so!♥

The Blog Writer said...

@ Mayen: Oh, it was just some advice I needed to give myself, asap. You're very kind, Mayen. Thank you!

@ Sarah: Huge hugs back! It feels wonderful just to have you on my side.

@ Jodie: :) Thanks for being a loyal reader, Jodie!

@ Haze: Ah! We'll all get there in our time. Don't worry about the comments! I know you read me. :)

kayren said...

this is a very good post.. especially for someone who has little or no patience at all: ME. haha. patience is not something im highly acquiesced for specially if it involves WAITING. ughh..

keep your eyes wide open. i like that. (;

The Blog Writer said...

:D Kayren, your comments make me laugh! You're cute. Thanks for reading so much of my blog, today! Hugs.

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