Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's a reason...

There's a reason why crows, no horns, possess.

A reason why rhinoceros, in the sky, fly not.

A reason why lions don't need to bark.

A reason why insects must toil to thrive.

There's a reason why pets, faithful remain.

A reason why certain snakes, venom spew.

We wish so often to be transported back-

To a younger age, to a different life.

We wish our days were easier still-

While longing to erase, pining to re-start.

There is a reason for the unexpected delays.

A reason for every happiness and sadness.

A reason for each experience- old or new.

Wishing them away ain't no cure, it ain't!

Grow with every moment in time.

Let your bond deepen and mature.

We're dreamers; our wishes, in process.

At times, without warning, the tears fall.

Yet a quiet voice inside assures-

"There is a reason why you're here, today.

A reason why you are YOU, why I am me.

Embrace every event with arms open wide.

It will reveal itself to you; in time, it all will!

For now, be content to know this though-

YOU were meant to be here.

I was meant to protect you."

Breathe deeply, jump forward headlong.

Life nourishes, when you, like a stranger, judge not.

Accept- be a good friend; work with what you have.

Pray for your wrong-doers with faith.

Bless them with love, goodness and richness of heart.

May they fly free, unable to err forever.

May the Light of the Lord, their hearts, flood and shine.

The world will heal itself at their hands, each day.

Help them respect who they are- energize their spirit.

You will grow, you will flourish.

You will have earned your own appreciation.

Let love, joy and healing kindness flow-

From your being to all others, wherever they may be.

There is a reason you are here, a reason you are YOU.

Polish your heart, mold it.

Be the best "YOU"- nothing can beat that, ever!


Anonymous said...

The world will heal itself at their hands, each day. ~ i hope to see if this is real, darling :)

but i still believe that everything happens for good reasons, and i wish i have the mind to see whatever it is.

This post is truly delightful... thank you for sharing this, BW! thanks for making me remember! i have missed you so dearly.

Jodie-Ann said...


iZaynab said...

A reason for every happiness and sadness.
& We're dreamers; our wishes, in process.

Man iPromise your some magical fairy cause these posts are a m a z i n g !

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

Honestly, I pray each day that this is true. :) You're a strong girl, hun! Know that you've got a heart of gold.



The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie:

It's good to know that you're sticking around, girl! :) Hope your days are gorgeous!

The Blog Writer said...

@ iZaynab:

Girl, you're doing pretty darn well for yourself, too! I assure you, you'll go places with your new endeavor! :)

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