Sunday, May 29, 2011

Renew your vigor, sharpen your sword

The lines that cause your heart to sing,

The beauty that makes your soul breathe;

The lyrics that get your insides to tingle,

The sheer joy making your day special;

These are your rewards, your brave medals,

This is your crown, your sparkling glory;

This is your Creator saluting to you,

This is nature smiling with you!

Roll in the luxury of pure bliss,

Absorb all the happiness, be sure not to miss!

Brace yourself for the struggles to follow,

For these few moments, the roadblocks, swallow!

Steal the tide threatening, overhead to flow,

It isn't "you" it labels incapable- know!

Gather the understanding in your quiet solitude,

It aims only to knock down your lassitude.

Turn around and look at it, squarely in the eye;

I promise you- you have no need to shy.

'Tis the same water carrying people shore to shore.

Trample fear- reveal secrets asleep in it's core!

You're right to be smirking, I lie to you each time;

Saying it ain't difficult is most certainly a crime.

The fact of the matter is- it is easy for YOU,

Of this I'm sure; if proved wrong, you can sue! :D

Realize your true potential, your magnanimity;

Persist- go that extra mile; you have the capacity!


Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Hugs.

The Blog Writer said...

:) I'm grateful to know you keep reading me.

Anonymous said...

of course, darling. i love you and can never stop reading you. your words has helped me a lot and i can never thank you enough <3

pEarL said...

i can relate to your post. this is so lovely.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

:) Taking a bow! I'm going to say, "Mahal Kita", Haze! :D Haha!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Pearl:

It's good to see you back, here, Pearl! Thank you! :)

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