Friday, May 13, 2011

Treatment for Brain Hunger

You don't like a slow-to-start computer, do you?

Your brain doesn't like it when you don't work.

It feels insulted to be sitting caged in a rusty body.

Time is your friend- cherish it.

Don't while it away in nothingness.

You're wasting a lot of your energy in that, too.

When breaks get too long, you fail to work, thereafter.

The logic is simple- you're tired.

Think of the stupendous feats you want to accomplish.

Take a deep breath in.

Feel all the potential vested in your being.

Prioritize your tasks.

  • What would be simplest to do first?
  • What is the really big chunk in the pile?
  • Which one would make you happiest?
  • Which one will take away the stress?

Draft your strategy.


Chew away from every periphery, every corner.

Eat out the central bulk weighing you down.

Grab something out of everywhere.

Each movement you make now is a gain.

Show them all who the winner is!

At the end of the day, evaluate.

Plan again.


The goal- you want that plate empty.

Think of it that way.

You'll know then that it is possible.

You will find that you truly enjoy it even.

When you're productive, you're happy inside.

That's all that matters in life, right? :)

Go snatch your happiness!

Grow in your mind.

Your brain is begging you to.

Feed it!


Jodie-Ann said...

This is great :D But, it also depends on whether you're an emotional thinker or a logical thinker. For example:
Emotional thinker- Oh my gosh, I'm so angry right now that I'm going to break something!
Logical thinker- Oh my gosh, I'm so angry right now that I think I'm going to break something! But, if I break it, I'll have to get it back. So, I won't, etc.
Because you're talking about grabbing whatever makes you happy. An logical thinker might have a hard time doing that XD

haze said...

snatch that happiness!♥♥♥


The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

Haha! Take this situation-

Emotional thinker- "OMG! I am so scared. How am I going to get this task over with? Has all of my training gone to waste? I hate this."

Logical thinker- "I'm not giving up! It would be freaking foolish to do so now. I'm going to take deep breaths. I will be fine. One little piece at a time! Attack!"

That's what this post was about. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

It will be yours. :) :)

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