Sunday, May 8, 2011

There is love in sternness, too

I realize that all I ever talk about now is of winning.

It becomes extremely challenging for me, too.

It isn't easy to say the same thing differently, each day.

But I do it, unfailingly-

Only because your victory has meant so much to you.

When you're not breaking off from your grounding-

It is YOU who is perennially dreaming of success.

Yes, I egg you on too much, sometimes.

Yes, you burn out occasionally.

But don't give up.

Don't be lax NOW.

I let you take breaks.

Sometimes, I let you oversleep.

I know that you long to break the shackles and run.

You know that I want only the best for you, don't you?

I'm never going to strain you unduly.

The body might ache all over.

The mind might flay at the slightest temptation.

But keep your heart steady.

I might almost be pleading for you to hold on now.

Let's face it- I am.

Hold on.

Don't relax- not now.

It doesn't matter what games your detractors may play.

Have faith in the Lord.

He has proved to you that He is eternally by your side.

Let Him lift you up and walk the last few miles for you.

Bring back your will to try.

Light back the flame within your soul.

Shield it from external attack.

Water the dreams that took root so many years ago.

Flourish, nourish and surrender in faith.

All the love you have won't ever let you break.

Feel no emotion.

Blank out the pain pathways in your brain.

I hear your heart.

I know what it really, truly wants.

Exactly what it has always desired.

Don't think up to 800 days in advance.

I've told you before-

When the time comes, you will be at the finish.

Piece yourself together, my dear girl.

Cling on to every last wish you've ever had.

Hold on for dear life.

God's love, goodness and your faith will get you through.

I'm pinning every last measure of my strength onto you.

Get up.

Dust yourself off.

WIN- win your own self-respect.

This is very much within your reach.

I know so.

Clasp tight- don't forget!

I promise to make this endeavor fun for you.


Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, I have to work on earning my self-respect XD

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

:) You know what the best part is? The ones who try, succeed.


haze said...

oh, everyone needs a break every once in a while :) even you, dear friend, i hope to read something more about you :) maybe someday, you'll post about yourself?! hehe! love!

The Blog Writer said...

Ah, Haze! A huge, big breather is exactly what I need. PHEW!

Are you feeling better now? Did the rest do you lots of good? I'm coming over to figure out.

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