Monday, May 9, 2011

Your way is my way

I am sticking to my promise.

I've decided that I can be a better friend to you.

Relax- If the war isn't fun, it ain't worth it at all!

Learn and educate yourself to your heart's content.

Feel confident in your abilities.

We're going to get to our destination on time.

Relish the true richness of this fortunate experience.

You're blessed- take notice.

I think I see the error I was making.

In pressuring you, I've made myself your enemy.

I don't like that title at all. :(

I am going to work towards a better relationship.

I know that you're a great student.

Raising your intracranial tension wasn't my goal.

I really respect your dedication.

Thank you for listening to each thing I've said.

You've got the ability to do really well.

Perfect your every last technique.

You will succeed- I know for certain.

Let me give you a hug and apologize.

Your pace is really commendable.

I say that to you very proudly, today.

Keep at it.

Knock the pompous fools right off their seats.

A little more waiting time, I can take.

I'd love for the end result to be a firecracker! :D

That God up above might not take the same route.

But He is one up on every single one of us, here.

He might smile back, innocently.

But He has a great deal of goodness lined up for you.

Give yourself what you've never had.

Give yourself the training you've always pined for.

This is my gift to you.

Love yourself for all that you do.

You're truly one of a kind.


Jodie-Ann said...


mayen said...

Very nice.. keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

m starting to love myself more :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie:

:) A smile always feels good!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Mayen:

Thanks! This post lifted a huge weight off my chest. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

You know what, Haze? That might just be the BEST thing I've heard in all day, today. Sincerely, I am so happy to read this comment. So very happy!

isabella777! said...

what was haze is commen? i want to know i love to be happy oh speaking of that i love those qoutes!!! my fave is ur blessed take notice it frigging amazing oh im issy by the way :D

The Blog Writer said...

@ Isabella777!

Hey! Haha! that was my favorite part, too. :)

You'll find Haze's comment 3rd from top. See?! ;)

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