Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Down is not out- Get up!

Where there is stress, paralysis follows.

What is the pressure all about?

Remember that you're doing this solely for YOU.

You train with all your heart for one big day.

It would make sense to be your best then, wouldn't it?

Constricting your airways in fear would be moronic.

You're doing a fabulous job and you know it.

Flaunt it!

No, not to anyone else.

Proclaim it proudly to yourself in the mirror.

Realize that without confidence, you're dead meat.

It doesn't matter how much you know or have learnt.

Sit down and think calmly for a bit.

Think not like you, but as your detractors.

You'll find them really enjoying the sight of you.

They think you don't notice it.

But you know they're watching.

They're thrilled to see you drenched in cold sweat.

See their caustic smiles, hear their secretive laughs.

It doesn't feel great, does it?

If that didn't matter much, however-

Think now like your competitors would.

They'll pretend to pacify you, in your present state.

The fact is, they now have one person less to defeat.

They are relieved.

Take in their telepathic gratitude.

They've known for long that this was beyond you.

Still feel nothing?

Walk across into the minds of your well-wishers then.

You'll find them thinking up alternative careers for you.

They're contorting statements to tell you that it is okay.

Surely, you're meant for something else.

Is THAT okay?

I don't think so!

Nobody gets to decide what you can or cannot do.

It doesn't matter whether or not they love you.

Would you respect yourself after having quit in fear?

Will you be able to live knowing you failed mentally?

Do you think it is alright to do something else instead?

A warrior never gives up.

You're capable of the exact same thing you've wanted.

The traditional methods of preparation aren't working.

So what?

You aren't the standard person, are you?

You're different.

Your uniqueness is what nobody else has.

Harness it to the maximum.

Win this challenge- ace it with all your wounded ego.

The others can continue to say what they will.

They have no idea of what is waiting to hit them.

They'll learn to seal their mouths shut for life.

Just wait until you storm across the finish.


Anonymous said...

caustic smiles and secretive laughters doesn't feel good at all! tsk. tsk.

The Blog Writer said...


Nikita said...

you are wonderfullll!!!!

The Blog Writer said...

:) Haha!

(taking a bow)

Thank you!

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