Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blow the balloon, don't focus on the hole

There will be several laying claim to your weaknesses.

You'd be surprised at how close they are to you.

You might find yourself asking-

"What do they get by hurting me?"

They have ALL of your love.

They command every itsy bit of your attention.

You might not expect anything in return.

But surely, their unnecessary sting hurts.

Don't feel enraged.

Check that fury rising within your chest.

Here is one simple rule-

Don't entertain purposeful hurt from anyone in any form.

Yes, you love them immensely.

But meanness ought to be nipped off in the bud.

If you take the brunt of it, it is bound to affect you.

It dulls the loving glow that radiates from your being.

Within minutes, you'll find yourself having a bad day.

You're a nice person.

You've got a clean heart.

You might not understand revenge in it's entirety.

Especially when it comes to a loved one.

But get this-

The world needs YOU to spread your healing kindness.

The universe turns dark when toxic emotion takes root.

It's beauty depends on the light emitted from your soul.

YOU are helping to dim the power of YOUR spirit.

You're allowing evil to precede over the good.

It hurts when they tackle your sore points, doesn't it?

You cringe, wondering why you confided in them at all.

But then you think, "Who else would I tell??"

Yes, God does think that you have immense potential. :)

You've got a strong mind and a gentle, forgiving heart.

Firstly, realize your own value.

YOU are vital in the creation of a better world.

Defend yourself.

Attack whoever harms your positive energy cycle.

Identify their weaknesses.

The naysayers need a dose of their own medicine.

Show them what it feels like when YOU become them.

Rest when you've brought justice back into the equation.

It is simple Math.

Before analyzing "why" they try to hurt you, answer this-

Would you rather reach out to as many lives as you can?

Or Would you focus on a problem that seeks no solution?

Stay as loving as you are towards them.

Their deficient hearts require your magical touch.

God is glad that He has YOU to care for them.

Find peace in the wonderful things you continue to do.

You have an entire world to cure, heal and empower.


Jodie-Ann said...

Yes, I will try to be good even if people keep being bad :l

The Blog Writer said...

Good girl, Jodie-Ann! Good girl! :) :)


Anonymous said...

blog writer... this post stabbed my heart :(

thank you so much for the comment, dear. it means a lot...

The Blog Writer said...

Haze, here is a hug, girl.

Know for sure that the ruffles will straighten out. :)

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