Friday, April 29, 2011

If it teases your ego, it'll make you win

Sometimes, the lamp you're lighting, adamantly resists.

But you're strong-willed.

You face the fear of burning yourself.

And go on to overcome it.

Your heart beats wildly in it's cage.

Yet, you're surprisingly calm and spirited.

The matchsticks, you find, are so easy to strike.

They don't break this time.

You're evidently, quite pleased with yourself.

You bring the glowing match closer to the wick.

Your eyes shine just as brightly, in anticipation.

The flame fizzles out.

You try another one.

But find the same thing again.

Then again.

And again.

You dislike the smell of the fumes wafting in the air.

They continue seeping into the depths of your lungs.

Yet, you persist.

"I can do this!" you think.

You peek into the match-case that mocks you silently.

This time though, you find no matches left.

What will you do?

Will you give up?

OR Will you stubbornly fight defeat??

This might be a simple task.

But it clearly reflects your personality.

How determined are you, in reality?

Keep wanting to succeed.

There is a way out.

Seek it.

You'll find another matchbox, a lighter or a gas stove.

There will be something.

Look for it.

If you're dedicated, you'll win.

The goal is reached by enduring the battle.

Victory is almost entirely achieved in the mind.

Don't get frustrated.

Your solution is hinting at you.

When God helps you, see it.

Take a cursory glance of what you don't know yet.

You'll come to realize that you've known it all along.

That is the one secret that evades all quitters.

Be confident.

You were born to win.


Anonymous said...

i was born top win :)

Jodie-Ann said...

I love the last line "you were born to win" :D

The Blog Writer said...

We were ALL born to win. :)

Cheers, girls!

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