Monday, April 18, 2011

You are alone in this

Don't care about the thorns.

Don't hurt on account of the sadists.

Don't take from the worriers.

Don't get enraged by the unaffected.

These are all reminders to you from God.

He sends them to you each day to give you direction.

He wants you to renew your resolve in every moment.

He keeps tabs on how much more you can endure.

He pushes you to achieve further, knowing that you can.

He strengthens your heart.

He focuses your mind.

You have no help other than Him.

You are where you always wanted to be.

In fact, He has taken you a step further.

He has shown you that you can breathe alone.

You can grow without external motivation.

You can dream in the presence of persecutors.

You can bloom in the absence of someone else's faith.

You're calm in every adversity.

You're vibrant in the face of moroseness.

You have a way of doing things.

You know EXACTLY where you're headed.

You have regained your independence.

Find peace.

YOU are a fountain of love, joy, truth and care.

You are all that you have ever needed.

Befriending yourself was very wise.

Fall in love with you- it is a beautiful feeling.

Revel in your beauty- you'll smile more often.

Get ready to be astounded by your intelligence.

Melt into your goodness, your love and your kindness.

There is none like you- absolutely none!

You're a gem.

Cherish yourself.

YOU will take yourself to the finish.

I see all the signs there ought to be- in you!


Jodie-Ann said...

I'll try to fall in love with myself, haha XD

The Blog Writer said...

:) Try saying "I love you" each time you look into the mirror. It works wonders!

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