Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The cure is at the core of it all

When your heart stings with broken emotion, trust me-

YOU are the biggest fool that ever lived.

You think you know what your heartache is all about.

But, oh no! Oh no, no, no!

If only you knew, you'd laugh out loud, too. :D

A wee bit of investigation is all it takes.

Make better use of your time, silly!

You've isolated yourself for a reason.


The socializing can wait.

You only need YOU to kick-start your life.

The rest are just added frills and fancies.

Now, if that's what you like, you'll get that, too.

Just not now.

It ain't worth your present moment- you know that.

You're a class apart.

You can go pricking yourself with thorns in the bush too.

If you want to stay here though, accept the huge divide.

Everything comes at a price.

Drink up the coffee.

Decide how you're going to section your time.

You might be immensely bored.

But you've got plenty on your hands.

Stick your nose into your task.

Be relieved on feeling lighter.

That God up above is a good, good God.

Blow Him a zillion kisses.

He knows so well how to make you happy. :)

You amuse Him, but He knows you'll make it to the top.

Get to work now.

Your happier self ought to function faster.


Jodie-Ann said...

I love how you believe in God fro everything :) It's amazing how someone can have so much trust in someone <3

The Blog Writer said...

:D Haha! I do. This made me laugh! :) It just makes the world so much nicer.

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