Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Challenge yourself

The beauty of life is that you'll always live the next day.

Don't be floored by your progress from yesterday.

The goal is to keep rising.

Rise a step higher from where you are.

Keep going.

There is no full-stop.

Keep chipping off the unwanted.

Continue to add to your achievements.

Sharpen every talent you have been blessed with.

The greats aren't less human than you are.

Polish each skill you've ever learnt.

There is infinite scope for improvement.

Absorb all that you can.

The potential your mind possesses is abundant.

Better your niceness with each passing day.

It is possible- YOU have proved this several times.

Grow constantly within your heart.

Do just this much for a while.

You will now be able to look at your past with love.

You will have pride filling your soul.

Your self esteem will only strengthen.

Work your way through it all- one little day at a time.


Don't ever stop.

Life was a gift that was given to you.

Do as much good as is possible- each day.

The world will be what no one dreamed it could be!

Better yourself.

This is your starting point.

Your competition is "YOU"- from yesterday.

Can you WIN?

You can try.

What do you have to lose?

It makes life fun.

It gives you reason to want to live day after day.

It makes you interesting.

It completes you, unfailingly- every single day.

Live up to the challenge!

It is FUN! :) :) :)


haze said...

the first sentence: so true :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) It is. I'm glad you identify with it!

iZaynab said...

iLike the part of how I'm my own biggest competition.
It makes we wanna be better than the yesterday me ~

The Blog Writer said...

:) Make yourself the best YOU- today! Hope your day is beautiful!

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