Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sparkle in the crowd- arrive!

Everybody is intelligent.

When it matters, they are all hard-working.

What is the difference between you and every other?

What makes YOU stand out?

Why should you win?

Because you pray??

Almost everyone does that.

Besides, God's love isn't subject to bribery, is it?

Winning purely based on luck is an insult to your genius.

Shun the thoughts that lash out at your self-esteem.

Absorb enriching, uplifting, positive, prosperous beliefs. 

This is a mental, emotional and spiritual battle.

Have ONE aim, focus and SUCCEED.

Build on your confidence.

There are several people who are fabulously good.

They just fail to recognize it in themselves.

Don't be the blind one in the herd.

Succeed with passion.

Passively watching the process doesn't at all help.

Close your eyes.


Develop a game plan.

Take in a lungful of fresh, vibrant, colorful dreams.

Feel the creative energy pulsating through your being.

Notice the instant reactions spinning inside your mind.

Ball up your fears and throw them out the window.

Awaken every cell and fiber that hoped to win with you.

Breathe life into every desire that dried up, unfulfilled.

Cast the spells to bring magic back into your fingertips.

Immortalize the burning zeal rushing through your veins.

Dust the cobwebs out from every corner of your heart.

Memorize each line you have said to yourself over time.

Imbibe grit-determination from eyes that saw victory.

Hear the clock ticking- your goal is drawing close.

Taste the sweet-saltiness of blood, tears and sweat.

Vow to persevere, to always have the will to win.

Swim with all your might to shores of glory and fame.

Run with mad emotion, tearing across the finish line.

There isn't a soul who would want to stop you.

No one deserves this trophy more than you do.

Not in the eyes that dreamed those dreams with you.

Don't cry and let your desires get washed out in the rain.

Place your cards close, held tightly upon your chest.

Work out each detail, fine-tuning every step of the way.

Leave no stone unturned, no methodology untested.

Have faith in you, akin to the character in your head.

Course through to your goal like a current in the ocean.

I will be waiting to hear about you.

The skies will relive the stories of your laurels.


Anonymous said...

oh, this is really beautiful, darling!

well, let me tell you why i should win... yes, i'm just another soul like the many others, but i play the game fairly. i hope, i wish, i dream, i pray. and even sometimes i feel like giving up, i have these special persons in my life (including you) who makes me feel stronger and better. i think i could win in my own game. thank you.

Mahal kita, girl!

The Blog Writer said...

:) Well said, Haze!! Very well said.

I like the confidence this guy brings when he comes back into your life. I'm so happy for you!

Fair-play and honesty- it's true- they always make you win.

This is cute! Mahal kita! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. i added you to my list of feathers..

thank you, my sweet! ***

The Blog Writer said...

Aw! This made me tear up.

Haze, you love very easily. It is a fabulous quality. No matter what life-changes you might see, hold on to it very very dearly. Make sure you do.

Sincerely, thank you, Haze! :)

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