Sunday, April 3, 2011

How can I start loving myself?

Start small.

Anything drastic can seem unappealing.

Consider yourself to be a separate individual.

You know it's easy for you to love others.

Give this person in you the same kind of love.

Speak to him/her like you would to a victim of abuse.

He/She has had years of neglect and self-hate.

He/She has never known what it is to receive love.

Tell this individual that you love him/her.

Talk to them about their pluses.

Make them see their unique goodness.

Guide them.

Shower them with genuine compliments.

Motivate them when they are down.

Counsel them when they are afraid.

Hold their hand when they can't seem to go on.

Think of solutions with them when they can't analyze.

Instill confidence in them because you're sure they can.

Help them to see their inner beauty.

Teach them the power of affirmations.

God is giving them the push they need- through YOU.

Have faith that YOU will walk them to the other side.

Don't make them dependent on you though.

Teach them to fly on their own.

You will always be there when they need you.

But they need to start being there for themselves, too.

They need to be filled with their love for themselves.

They must realize the immense bliss there is in living.

When you decide that your coaching is complete-

Remember who this little boy/girl you've trained is.

Smile. :)

You now know how to love you.

You'll always be your most faithful, trusted best friend.

Be sure that all the love you need is within you.

The world will now treat you fairly.

They know there is someone to defend YOU always.


Jodie-Ann said...

Beautiful post :)

G said...


The Blog Writer said...

Thank you both! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

haze said...

you know sometimes i read your posts and got lost in your words that i forgot to comment... how is that possible? i thought i already commented.. hmp. hmp.

thanks for this, dove!

The Blog Writer said...


I know that you read me. That itself is a lot more important to me. :)

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