Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stand up for YOU

YOU are not someone else's thrash.

Don't let anyone compel you into believing otherwise.

Take a deep breath.


There is a solution to your every question.

Look into the mirror.

Blank out mentally.

Peek into your eyes.

Connect to your soul.

Keep every relation, problem, opportunity, hassle, reason, gain or loss out of the way.

Bond- with you.

Do you see love for you there?

Do you see hurt?

Is there deceit or malice?

Is there joy?

Wait until you find your answers.

Allow the cloak of indifference to drop down.

If you have no time for any of it, know this for sure-

YOUR lack of love, respect, concern, kindness and genuine nurturing care for yourself IS the cause for every other person treating you badly.

You're showing them how to treat you, by example.

If the tears flow, let them.

Talk to your soul.

Let it scream.

Let it lash out in all it's fury.

Let it be the child it wants to be.

Let it laugh.

Melt into it's every emotion.

You might be a good friend to everyone.

But are you your own best friend?

Do you want your situation to better itself magically?

If yes, take the time to listen- to you.

The answer is right there.

I am praying for you.

May the Light of the Lord guide you.

May He hold your hand and still your heart.

May He envelop you with His immense love for you.

May He show you the path of true righteousness.

All I ask is for You to trust Him- with yourself.


Anonymous said...

i'm not my own bestfriend... but i'm bestfriends with my pen and notepad, oh well. i guess it's still me :)

May the Lord God bless you for your kindness, dove!

The Blog Writer said...


For all the posts you've liked on my site, I really hope that someday it all rubs off on you. You've got a beautiful heart. Cherish yourself!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will, dear... and believe it or not, your words are helping me... a LOT. love yah gal!

The Blog Writer said...

:) With that, you absolutely made my day! xoxo

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