Thursday, April 14, 2011


It is a beautiful new day, today. :)

Don't chide yourself on having a bit of fun.

You WILL complete every task you've been assigned.

You will even outdo your target.

Your happiness, energy and bounce will make it happen.
Yes, D-day is close.

But life is NOW.

You don't harm one event to benefit the other, do you?

Stay productive.

Contribute to the world.

Do everything you want to do.

But cater to YOU first.

Getting burned out early isn't smart preparation at all.

The last runner might be slow at the start.

But he sure knows how to win at the end.

There will be several deadlines to meet.

Take time to live.

You will find yourself enjoying the hard parts, too.


  1. Take a deep, enriching breath in.
  2. Look around.
  3. Simply absorb the colors of the day.
  4. Feel the air on your face.
  5. Listen to the birds.
  6. Watch their flight.
  7. Smile.
  8. Give yourself a massage.
  9. Hit the pause button in your head.
  10. Just be- for a while.

It is a glorious feeling.

The day is just starting to get better.

You NOW feel ready to ace the test.

You can.

You will.

You ARE!


haze said...

oh, i'm so tired right now... just got all the work done :))

oooh. i really love this part

You will find yourself enjoying the hard parts, too.

thanks again BW! hugs!

The Blog Writer said...

:) The fact that you completed your tasks has me inspired to go hit my to-do-list.

Now, I ought to thank you!

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