Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So, the pressure is building, huh?

1. Do one simple thing first.

STOP repeating that lame sentence to yourself.

It ain't doing you no good.

2. A little anxiety is good.

But you're letting it blow out of proportion.

THAT is sabotage- pure sabotage.

You aren't working for the enemy camp, are you?

Then quit.

3. You're a smart person.

You're intelligent.

You've got the fabulous memory everybody craves for.

You're plain lucky even.

To top that lethal combination, you're hard-working.

You're sincere.

You're dedicated.

You're goal-driven.

You're honest about your preparation.

You're good- life pays you back at the best of times.

Your competition ought to be scared of that profile!

Put your best foot forward.

Nobody can beat that.

4. There is a solution to every single thing.

Who knows that better than you?

Focus- the path ahead of you is clearing.

The answer will find you at the right time.

5. No matter how close to D-day, meditate.

You need to energize yourself.

No amount of hard-work can ensure your progress.

Prepare yourself.

You are the key.

You are the last runner.

Strengthen your heart.

There is no place for faint, victimized souls here.

Realize your potential.

Remember it.

6. A faster heartbeat solves nothing.

Stay calm.

You're giving away three quarters of your energy.

That makes you a traitor.

Choose your team.

Can we trust you?

7. Take slow, deep breaths.


Then again.

The right answer is right there.

Use your common-sense.

Eliminate the detractors.

Don't feel stressed or confused.

The answer exists.

It does- so, the "intelligent-You" can surely find it!

You were born with a purpose in mind.

This is part of the plan.

Be certain, the universe is helping you.

8. No matter what happens, don't lose track of YOU.

You are the most valuable possession you were given.

The rest can all be recreated- not you.

Treasure yourself.

Anything that threatens you isn't worth your time.

Shoot it at sight and walk on.

Only YOU are valuable- protect yourself.

9. Keep yourself in mind.

Visualize where this is taking you.

The goal has been covered- you've shot far ahead.

You're a calm, rational, sincere person at work.

You are the go-to person in every emergency.

You're grateful you crossed the milestones you did.

You feel good to be contributing so much.

Come back to the present.

You can do this.

You want to be there.

10. Life is routine for everyone.

You aren't doing nobody any favor in any which way.

You're doing this strictly for YOU.

Don't throw your weight around.

Be sure to remember that everyone is working hard.

Each person is doing their best.

11. Go out.

There is no use being a hermit.

Your mental sanity is as important as everything else.

Your life is slipping away.

Hold on to it!


G said...

Cool tips I need to share these with the GF

Anonymous said...

i like having faster heartbeats... hehehe... :)
don't you think i'm weird to say that? haha. i mean it's kinda magical.

but i know what you are saying, and it's really inspirational. thanks!!! <3

The Blog Writer said...

@ G:

:) I'm so glad you found this useful!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

You're mad! (In a nice way, of course.) Stay motivated! :)

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