Friday, April 1, 2011

YOU will have that last laugh

Take all of that fury from within you and rise.

Don't fall to your knees in helplessness.

Stop feeling miserable.

YOU are the ONE single hope glittering in my heart.

YOU are the final savior I look up to.

YOU are the warrior that WILL win this race.

The happy ending to the tale will come.

Immerse yourself in your task.

Don't let the shadows of darkness touch you.

Many years later, THE dream will turn true.

Keep the flame burning bright deep inside your heart.

Don't let the winds blow over it.

Don't let the dust settle over the scars.

You're on this mission- to free your soul.

Take it to the finish.

Don't you forget where you're headed.

Justice awaits still.


Anonymous said...

the last laugh is MINE! bwahahaha :D

darling, you are too good to be true :) i don't know how many times did i tell you this, but your posts are simply amazing and heart lifting! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

This is great. I'm reading the book To Kill A Mockingbird right now and there's this case going on. Everyone is white but the dude being charged is black, so I think that he's going to end up getting in trouble for something he didn't do(it's a book with a lot of racism. It was written in the 30s). But, this post sort of gives me hope. That even though he might get in trouble, there might be something good to come out of it all. :)

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

:) I'm glad and thankful for the number of times you tell me that!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

Our perceptions can be so different. :) Haha, this made me smile. I'm glad you could connect to this!

G said...

uplifting post dude!

The Blog Writer said...

Thanks! :)

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