Monday, April 18, 2011

List your reasons to win and strike 'em off

Anyone who instills fear in you ought to be fenced out.

Those who sabotage your emotions aren't worth you.

The ones that harm you never win without your consent.

Everybody has an ace card up their sleeve.

Identify it.

Work your way around it.

To win, you've got to be forever on your toes.

Stop being sentimental about everything.

Suck it up.

Be very, very shrewd.

Be smarter than the enemy.

Have the vision to see their weaknesses.

It is a basic rule-

You never cry while preparing for war.

Hit the losers where it hurts most.

Slap them such that they never forget.

Let your vengeance reach it's absolute peak.


Prepare like you've never prepared before.

Slaughter the assasin.

Rip it up into a zillion pieces.

You've had enough- a lot more than enough.

There's no point fuming within, is there?

Breath fire- in the right direction.

If it ain't getting you peace, what's the point?

A lot of people are awaiting their due.

Give it to them.

They deserve every bit of it.

Find your voice.

Give way to your peace.

The warrior wins because he/she never quits trying.


You have a war to win.


Jodie-Ann said...

This is great for people who have had terrible things happen to them and need to find their strength to conquer their fears. Here you go again with your amazing posts!! :D

The Blog Writer said...

Ah, Jodie-Ann! That comment totally brightened me up. Thank you!! :)

haze said...

i agree with Jodie :)
i ope you'll get even more followers so people will read your amzing blog posts :)

The Blog Writer said...

:D Haha! You're sweet. Thanks Haze!

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