Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life is demanding you to look UP

You've always had very high expectations from yourself.

You've known for sure that you're capable of the best.

You're intelligent.

You're sensible.

You know that you grasp like a sponge.

You've learnt to be calm.

You've trained your mind to think positive thoughts.

Remember each thing I've said here.

YOU are the person I'm referring to.

The stress might build.

But your composure will remain.

Watch your internal dialogue.

Don't let negativity set up camp.

Send out the sparkling forces from your soul.

The enemy will surely be outnumbered.

I understand your predicament.

But I have FULL faith and confidence in you.

Battles are first won in the mind.

Meditate upon your power until the very end.

See your heart calming down.

Let it slump into it's seat.

Hear it say these words to you-

"Hey Buddy!

It's good to know that YOU are in control.

I feel so relaxed now- thanks!

Let's win this final stretch together!"

You can't believe your eyes.

You actually know every answer on the test!

Visualization helps, huh?!

You bet it does.

You find yourself eagerly going on to the next question.

Even video games weren't so much fun ever!

The score springs up with "Jackpot" written all over it.

You stare at it for a long time.

And then it all starts to sink in.

You've crossed the tunnel.

The light at the other end feels warm and loving.

It's confident rays soften your heart.

You've drawn the star on achieving a major milestone.

You've colored it in gold.

You begin to see the future that had dimmed.

Your eyes are moist, but your vision is clearing up.

It is the start of a brand new phase.

A refreshing splash of freshness wets your face.

You're alive.

You're raring to go again.

Don't cry.

This is the YOU I've always known.

This is you, my dear girl.

THIS is you.

You want to get there, don't you?

Help me find the real you.

Let's ride through the tide.

We will sail through- I assure you.

Keep the army on the alert.

We're doing the final rehearsals.

I want you to be careful.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is really motivating :)

Jodie-Ann said...

I always banter with myself in my head to calm myself down, haha.

The Blog Writer said...

@ Haze:

:) Thanks, girl!

The Blog Writer said...

@ Jodie-Ann:

And that is the smart thing to do! :)

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