Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hold on- You're getting there!

Is your enemy really who you think it is?

OR Is it just a red-flag that went up in your head again?

You could have that debate with yourself forever.

The fact is that words are YOUR greatest strength.

It is easy for you to read between the lines.

You know that most people mean well.

But you cannot for the life of you understand one thing-

Why do they speak before thinking, every time?

You're tired of decoding the truth masked by meanness.

You deserve what you give, don't you?

Sure you do.

You have found strength in these same hurtful words.

Don't let it pass this time.

Hold on to each innocent sentence that scratched you.

Grip tight.

Etch it all in your mind.

Fight for your pride.

None of them might be capable of offering you solace.

But the hurt they caused will lead you to your victory.

See yourself ten years from now.

You are one of the choicest people in the world.

You're here based on your talent, merit and intelligence.

You have struggled to get this far.

Nobody can imagine HOW MUCH you had to persist.

Extradordinary power radiates from your being.

Your presence is breath-taking.

You exude tremendous amounts of confidence.

Your work is immaculate, precise and quick.

People flock you wherever you go.

You look around and take a deep breath in.

It is a good, fulfilling, enriching life.

It is fun to have defeated those who said you couldn't.

It is satisfying to know that you won- by a huge margin!

You'll be there soon.

Mark my words.

There's one condition though-

HOLD ON to the hurt.

You must.


haze said...

oh, this is so inspiring...
hold on to the hurt, because through it we become strong... <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) Ah, the heart strengthens, yes!

Jodie-Ann said...

I agree with haze :) We learn from our experiences and gain strength :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) :) That's the good part there is, isn't there?!

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