Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soak in the luxury of a day off! :)

Taking a break is fine.

Retain your sanity and take care of you.

That itself is an important job.

You're doing commendably well.

It is easy for you to pick up the loose ends.

You're forging ahead, taking giant strides each time.

Several people quit at the same stage that you're at.

You're a fighter.

I really respect that you know your responsibilities.

Thinking about the goal all the time is vital.

Mentally-preparing yourself is brilliant strategy.

When it gets stressful, count the days left.

When it gets frustrating, count the hours left.

You've got this in the palm of your hand.

Just follow the plans drawn there.

Knowing where you're going is 50% of the work done.

Knowing HOW you'll get there is 100% of the battle won.

Even if you had what someone else has, I am certain-

You'd be bored in a teeny-tiny bit.

Living creatures are all about progress.

Stagnancy would drive you insane.

So, stop wondering if you're treading the right path.

You're different.

Stay that way and be proud of who you are!

Recharge your batteries.

YOU are your sharpest weapon.

You are the lead, enacting the finale.

You hold the key to unlocking your efforts.

Sustain yourself.

You have the determination.

I know you'll do this as best as is possible.

You're the reason I breathe easy each day.

There is no pressure.

You're brilliant, dedicated, focused and driven.

All of that is a definite plus. :) :)

Take deep breaths in and out.

Energize yourself.

YOU are the warrior I look up to.


Jodie-Ann said...

Yeah, I'm really happy I had a day of today. I have no school no Monday either. So, I get a break to just relax and recharge my batteries ;D

The Blog Writer said...

Aren't such days just pure bliss?? Ah! Heaven!

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