Friday, April 8, 2011

Concealed Goodness

Even the devil is filled with goodness.

It is just like you and I- same texture and consistency.

The coating of evil is waiting to shed.

It might be tough- the Light within will break it apart.

Have you had a bad day?

Do you feel haunted and conquered by the wrong??

Give me a moment to lift the veil.

You ought to recognize what you're not seeing.

Thank the lead characters in your nightmares.

They wake you up even before your alarm rings.

They are the true reasons for your imminent success.

Bless the dishonest people you encounter.

They make you realize just how special you are.

Your aura shines brighter when you feel better inside.

Your success isn't as important to anyone else.

Be grateful.

They love you the same for whatever you are/will be.

If it weren't so, YOUR success wouldn't ever be "yours".

It wouldn't give YOU the drive to get to your goals.

And be sure, victory would never come to you.

YOU would consider it someone else's responsibility.

Smile when people don't shower you with praises.

They retain the need for YOU to compliment yourself.

This is exactly why YOU continue to challenge yourself.

It is what still makes you your biggest fan ever. :)

Be happy that God gives you signs.

He is your secret best friend for life.

Watch out for His expression.

He is revealing what no one would tell you!

Look around you.

Absorb the ambience.

Take in every little detail.

You're blessed in every way there is.

You always have been.

You'd rather be the momentary spark in the darkness.

It is far better than being the defective light bulb.


You have it in you!


Jodie-Ann said...

:) I can really relate to this post with my step-sister. This gives me hope. <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) I'm so glad, Jodie! God bless you!

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

The Blog Writer said...

Thanks! :) :)

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