Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paint your picture true

You've been worried- not about your goal though.

Certain issues in your life have come to the fore.

You wonder about what kind of life you'll live.

You often think about where you're headed.

The achievements are one aspect.

But what is your purpose??

You do realize that this is an inappropriate time.
D-day is too close.

You find yourself swinging to and fro in your mind.

I want to bring you relief.

I am going to lift the veil you're blinded by.

This not knowing- your curiosity- can be dangerous.

It is another internal ploy to detrack you.

I am not going to let this be a blow to my efforts.

I promised to drag you to the victory stand.


Trust in the Lord who created you.

He is watching your every move.

He is listening to your every thought.

He is talking to you right at this very minute.

Hear Him reassuring you, comforting you.

He has a Plan- a plan for both you and Him.

God knows that you're fumbling at the start line.

He wants to tell you that this is truly a non-issue.

You will realize this to be true, but only in time.
Your present lack of focus could mark a missed shot.

Don't fall for it.

The only one who can get you to focus is YOU.

Your free will prevents God from acting on your behalf.

Follow your heart.

It is true, kind, loving, sincere and honest.

It is your connection to your Creator.

Leave the anger, the irritation and the frustration.

Leave it all at His doorstep.

Feel the peace of sitting beside Him inside His abode.

Let your head rest on His shoulder.

Feel light.

Cry if you must.

Let the heaviness flow out of your entire body.

Just lie there doing nothing.

Don't let go until you're ready.

This is your safe zone.

You can come here whenever you like.

Don't feel threatened at the thought of venturing out.

God is protecting you at all times.

You're a good person.

Focus on the path He is showing you.

You're glad you feel calm- so very calm. :) :) :)

You want to do everything you can for your Maker.

You WILL focus.

You aren't afraid anymore.

The fear got trampled to nothingness where you left it.

You are the warrior that God sent out.

You identify your true calling.

You're laughing at another foiled attempt.

You look to your God, smiling.

When you two are a team, you're invincible.

Every particle in the universe knows that.

Glow with pride.

March on ahead.

You're on a winning spree, much to my happiness.

Hold on tight!


haze said...

oh, i trust in the Lord... He will never give me anything i cannot handle :)

The Blog Writer said...

:) Isn't that such a peaceful thing, Haze? I am truly glad for the strength you get from Him.

Jodie-Ann said...

Yet another wonderful post <3

The Blog Writer said...

:) Thank you, girl!

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